Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy
Blackjack Science offers a "Satisfaction Guaranteed" policy for both purchased products and refunds for services purchased for any reason or no reason at all. We encourage our customer to contact us to discuss any situation that they feel warrants a refund as we will be glad to attempt to resolve their concern. Simply click the link below and submit a request for a refund by identifying yourself and the product or service purchased. 

Blackjack Science make no warranties or assurances regarding the ability to use our products and/or services to, in fact, win from the casinos. While our methods and techniques have been mathematically verified and tested in real world efforts both individual and team, there is no assurance that the execution of one of them will be identical to the projections.

While our strategies and techniques are based on well founded mathematical principles, we have no control over the user's ability to execute proven protocols without error, the ability to play enough hands to overcome the law of large numbers or the ability to utilize a sufficient bank roll to withstand the win/loss variances prevalent in these games.

Therefore, the use of the strategies in this website does not guarantee that you will win money if you gamble at casinos or other gambling or betting establishments. The user acknowledges that the loss of some or all of the monies deposited or wagered at any casino or other gambling establishment is possible, and that the use of the information and strategies presented herein is at the sole discretion and risk of the user.

Blackjack Science, LLC, its owners and subsidiaries will not be liable for any damages or gambling losses of any kind arising from the use of the information, strategies and techniques offered in this website.

Data Collection and Retention

Name and Address
Names and addresses are collected by our system and maintained in a secure data base for use within our University. They are also encrypted and collected by PayPal. Blackjack Science retrieves these addresses to mail products. Update information may be mailed to these addresses. Names and address lists are not sold in respect for your privacy. 

Credit Card Number
Credit card numbers and expiration dates are encrypted and collected via PayPal secured servers. The card number never passes through the Blackjack Science systems. The numbers are stored by PayPal for fraud control and refunds. Blackjack Science can only see the last four digits of the number. If you order by phone then we take your credit card number and type it into a Verisign screen. It is then discarded.

E-mail addresses
E-mail addresses may also obtained in the same manner as names and addresses during order processing in order to contact a user with any order problems; such as an invalid address. Email address may also be used in the delivery of various products and or services. Blackjack Science will not send SPAM to your email or distribute your email to outside parties. 

E-mail addresses can also be added to our mailing list. This is a double opt-in process. That is, you must request to be added. Then a verification e-mail will be sent and you must respond to that verification e-mail to be added to prevent people using the mailing list to bother other people.

Telephone Numbers
Telephone numbers are collected in instances required for various services (Mentoring) and are only used for product and service requirements.


Blackjack Science is a web portal offering a menu of free information, product and services as well as a membership side offering in depth information, training, products and services for the advantage player or the advantage player in training.

Blackjack Science intends to exclude any person from membership or the purchase of products or services if they are an employee, affiliate, or consultant to any Gaming institution. Member further agrees to provide necessary contact information, if requested, to allow verification of employment for the sole purpose of Blackjack Science confirming they do not work in the gaming industry. Additionally, member agrees not to share any information obtained from Blackjack Science with any known employee, affiliate or associate of any Gaming Institution.

Pursuant to our Membership Agreement, Blackjack Science reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone for any reason or for no reason at all.