How can I learn to count cards in Blackjack?

Card counting is not rocket science, but it does takes work. A lot of work.

The process of counting cards is, at best, fourth grade math, and the steps are easy to understand, but mastering the ability to do it with adequate speed and accuracy to be effective in the casino takes some time. 

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The chart to the right illustrates the flow of topics and certifications needed to master card counting. The green blocks are the content we will teach you and the gray boxes are the work you will need to do to master the skills.

As indicated above, the amount of time to learn what is needed to become a skilled card counter is very short. The amount of time to master the memorization and the ability to perform at speed and in casino conditions varies greatly by individual. Generally, it takes about 100 learning hours to be ready for the casino. Spread out over your spare time you should be ready in a couple of months.

We offer four different options to become a card counter. Three of the four focus on teaching you what is required to become a card counter and the time proven techniques to learn the skills. You then master your skills at your own speed.

The fourth one, Mentoring, is a one-on-one process designed for collaboration with one of our coaches to guide you through the steps. This service can be tailored to your situation and can be done in person or online/phone combinations.

All of these options include the use of our custom designed teaching aids. The Basic Strategy and Card Counting Training System is a self instruction system that include flash cards that are the optimum way to learn the skills required. It is the foundation of our card counting training as the other options expand on some of the topics or address areas more in depth.

These options are designed to fit both your budget and your schedule. See the chart below for comparison features and topics covered.

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Product or Service Option 1
Flash Card Training System
Option 2
Web Video
Option 3
Option 4
Mentor Service
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PRICE     $24.95    $79.00    $149.00    $800.00 
AVAILABILITY On Demand On Demand Scheduled Monthly On Demand
LOCATION Website Website Website

In person

Self Study Yes Yes No No
Travel Required No No No No
Basic Strategy & Card Counting Training System Included Included Included Included
Basic Strategy Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stand/Hit Rules Adjustments Yes Yes Yes Yes
Departures Yes Yes Yes Yes
True Count Conversion Yes Yes Yes Yes
Casino Reminder Cards Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phone/Text/Email Access to BJS Coach No No No Yes
Weekly Status Review with BJS Coach No No No Yes
Skill Certifications No No No Optional
In Casino Check Out No No No Optional
Bankroll/Bet Ramp / Risk Guidance Minimal Minimal Minimal Yes
Game Selection Guidance No Minimal Minimal Yes
Session Tracking & Analysis Excel System No No No Included
Casino Longevity Measures No No No Yes
Inevitable Back Off - What to do? No No Minimal Yes
Team Concepts No No Minimal  Yes
Membership to Blackjack Science University No No 1 Month 3 Months