Anthony Bailey Speaking Engagement

For 30 plus years Anthony Bailey (alias) has used advantage play in casinos throughout the country. Bailey has played individually, on two-man teams and on multi player teams as a counter, spotter, big player and more.

While playing for high stakes or under the radar, Bailey has used a myriad of techniques to beat the casinos and to teach others "real world" methods to gain the advantage in casino play. Card counting, ace location, shuffle tracking, are just some of the methods used in years of experience. Additionally, he has extensive experience and a network of associates in casino play and surveillance.

His experiences are both interesting and informative. Bailey is constantly striving for new opportunities and techniques to stay ahead of the casinos. His expertise and experience make for a unique speaker for corporate engagements, customer entertainment, and, in particular, individuals or groups wishing to improve their gaming skills.

Bailey has a unique niche in the corporate and entertainment fields in training or assisting high profile clients in gaming matters.

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