Private Mentoring

The Private Mentoring Service is a 90 day training program for players that desire one-on-one instruction. Learn advantage blackjack play at home and at your own pace and skill level.

This service uses "an individually tailored" teaching and training method that includes your own personal mentor. Your "mentor" will be an experienced card counter, advantage player and blackjack team player, fully prepared to guide you through the learning process and answer all your questions.

You will be provided email address, mobile phone number and weekly scheduled consultations with your mentor. They will take your call and answer your questions at most any time.

Card counting is not rocket science, but it does takes work. A lot of work.

The process of counting cards is, at best, fourth grade math, and the steps are easy to understand, but mastering the ability to do it with adequate speed and accuracy to be effective in the casino takes some time. 

The time to learn what is needed to become a skilled card counter is very short. The amount of time to master the memorization and the ability to perform at speed and in casino conditions varies greatly by individual. Generally, it takes about 100 learning hours to be ready for the casino. Spread out over your spare time you should be ready in a couple of months.

The mentor program allows for instruction, training, and feedback on a real time basis. The program can be conducted in person or by webinar/phone consultations on a scheduled basis. We may refer you to various reading materials and web videos to supplement your experience Our Coach will be in touch with you each week to determine your progress, conduct step certifications and provide guidance.

It is the ultimate service for someone looking to learn advantage blackjack in the quickest most efficient method available.

Video Description of Mentoring Services (13 minutes)


Program Includes:

  • Personal Assessment and Goal Setting
    • Instruction and training is based on your individual skill level and tailored to reach the goal/skill level you desire.
    • The Program can range from complete novice to advanced individual or team play.
  • Assigned AP Coach
    • Work with you to develop a training plan and tentative schedule.
    • You will have a personal mentor to learn and train with for the entire program.
    • Training methods will include one on one scheduled teaching times via phone or internet and personalized training and testing to meet your needs.
    • Conduct biweekly progress reviews by phone.
    • Conduct periodic checkout procedures to certify mastery level for Basic Strategy and Card Counting.
  • Use our Blackjack Basic Strategy & Card Counting Training System Product (provided with program)
    • As the foundation to successful play, we will instruct you on proper Basic Strategy  and easy, efficient training methods.
    • You will learn the hi-lo counting system utilizing real life casino tested professional methods.
    • You will learn and train on running count, true count conversion, departures, betting levels and casino strategies


  • Webinars
    • Flash card systems and advanced learning techniques
    • Game selection and evaluation
      • How to identify a beatable blackjack game
      • Learn where the most profitable games are around the country.
      • Learn the differences in blackjack games within individual casinos.
      • Learn why casinos offer different games and how best to choose the right one
    • Bankroll management and betting structures
  • Unlimited extension to your Mentor Service ($40 per month)
    • Take your game to another level or in a specific tailored direction with extended mentoring
    • Hands on, live casino play is available with your mentor.
  • One year Blackjack Science University membership
    • Access to information and training for advanced blackjack topics and advantage plays beyond counting.
    • Team topics.
    • Extensive library of articles on blackjack play, team  play and many other advantage topics.
    • Comprehensive list of recommended websites
  • Recommendations for support software 
    • Casino Verite / CVCX / CVDATA by
    • Blackjack Game Analyzer and other Excel systems for game evaluation and bet design, tracking and more.


Click here to ask questions via email or call 702-331-9635


At time of purchase you will be provided details for procedure to initiate the service.