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Due to Semyon's unavailability, the Blackjack Scince Seminars have been discontinued. Semyon is focused on running

Taught by Semyon personally in small group settings, the Blackjack Science Seminar is a hands-on, comprehensive demonstration and explanation of all the techniques used by Semyon and his teammates to beat the Las Vegas casinos.

Topics covered include:
  • basic strategy and card counting recap
  • optimal betting and variance
  • getting to the long term
  • basic team play
  • cut card techniques
  • keycard sequencing
  • shuffle tracking techniques
  • avoiding detection

Administrative Notes

The Blackjack Science seminars are open to the general public. However, persons affiliated with any casino, or with any detective agency collecting information on professional blackjack players for casinos, are required to pay an additional fee of $800,000 per seminar, and should expect legal action for triple damages in the event they fail to declare their affiliation. In addition, their presence will be announced to all other Seminar participants ahead of time.

No cameras, recorders or similar devices will be allowed.

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