Advanced Techniques by Semyon Dukach - DVD

Semyon Dukach was the founder and president of Amphibian Investments MIT Blackjack team that won millions of dollars from the casinos in the nineties.

He is known to casino personnel as Nikolay Nogov, a Russian arms dealer. Semyon has appeared on ABC, the BBC, CNN, the History Channel, and the National Geographic Channel, and has conducted numerous Blackjack Science Seminars.

A previous DVD was based on actual footage from one of those seminars and focused on Card Counting and Betting Techniques.

This is the second DVD from Semyon Dukach's Blackjack Science Seminar Series and is based on actual footage from his seminar.

The presentation focuses on these Advanced Techniques:

  • Cut card games
  • Ace Sequencing
  • Shuffle Tracking